About Al-Safwa Stone

We offer our services to our customers since the opening of the Foundation in 2002 to a higher level, raising the slogan that served the customer service and sacrifice of our customers has always been an honor for us is our primary goal in itself, regardless of what you earn from the profits of the institution.

Nature of our work

That our organization provides services in the realization of interiorand exterior (Cermaic - Marble - Natural Stone) design - supply - andthe implementation of the

Our projects

We have our different (supply - Design - Implementation) for manyof the institutions and customers.

Examples of our work in the western region

  • Professor Villa / Samir alDakhil 
  • Supply Rosa Portuguese 
  • Towers Hefny Sari Street (a stone Jordanian) 
  • Villa Judge (Live Samer) 
  • Architecture Professor / Essam Al-Attar 
  • Mr. Villa / Taco Nasser 
  • Mr. Villa / Khalid Rose 
  • Villa Abu Hani / neighborhood renaissance 
  • Villa A / Hani Rashid / neighborhood beach 
  • Palace A / Professor / trumpet Mazen 
  • Villa / A / Khalid Trumpet 
  • Villa Omar Al-Zahrani 
  • Villa and Walid Al-Zahrani 
  • Villa Ahmed Alghamdi
  • Saudi Oger 
  • Bin Laden Holding 
  • Foundation for building integration 
  • Company the new concept of building 
  • Firm sand 
  • Foundation / Yafi CONSTRUCTION 
  • Towers Dora find - Makkah 
  • Alslake Towers - Makkah 
  • Bort Foundation Contractors
Our policy
  • Constant innovation
  • Continuous renewal
  • Customer First
  • Latest models
  • High fashion
  • Strict implementation of
  • Offers continuous
  • Quality before price
  • Quick Supply
  • Credibility
Our Goals
  • Provide the best products in the field of marble, ceramic and stone
  • Customer Service About Everything
  • Outstanding design and implementation is always a good motto
  • Creativity and excellence and quality
  • Constant renewal and high taste
  • Provide the best deals

Say About Al-Safwa

In the name of God, their works is featured and combines beautiful nature and high quality of raw materials and execution .. One of the company's customers

Contact us

  • Address : Macaroni Street,in front of Prince Majed Park, after Alhandasa Square - Jeddah
  • Phone: 966-0126911415
  • Fax.: 966-0126833720
  • Email :  [email protected]
  • 966-0558486562